Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Triple Threat

We all know in the game of basketball, triple threat is the position you want to start before making any move such as dribbling, passing or shooting. It is the position that causes the most damage because you can make any basketball move from that position. Well, there is another triple threat that creeps its way into my life that will cause damage but not in a positive way. You know how people say they tend to take over God's job sometimes?...Well not me...I tend to take of the job of God, Jesus, and Holy triple threat. That's right...there are times in my life that I want to be the entire trinity...Can you relate?

First, God the father....I will pray for something or someone, but if my prayer isn't being answered in the timely manner in which I think it should or in the way I have prayed for....that's Ok I will be God and just take it back. Or there are those times when I believe in the promises that God has for me...but I will just help Him bring them to reality. There is one person that I look to when I decide that I can play God better than God can....Sarah. (Genesis 18-25) God had promised them children, but it just wasn't happening so Sarah decided to take it upon herself and have Abraham sleep with a servant girl and they would raise the baby. Yep that was her plan....she actually thought that was a good idea. The tragedy is: her plan, her playing God...nations are still at war (Muslim-Jews). Every time I feel like I want to help God out...I read Sarah's story and sit back and remember..."Be Still and Know that I Am God"....and you are not.

Then once I get that under control then I feel like I will just take over Jesus' role...the savior. It doesn't matter if it is my family, friends, or people I come across in the ministry...there are times I want to take over and save them from their troubles. I want to save them from themselves. I want to save them from any hurt or pain.  I want to save them from sin. I want to save them from hell. I want to SAVE THEM. Once again, I am reminded....that is not my job! The greatest pieces of advice I have ever received is "You are suppose to be faithful to the call, but you are not responsible for their answer." Your husband my be going through a difficult time right much as you want to save him from it, God may be using this very thing to bring your husband closer to Him. Your children may be struggling in much as you want to save them...God may be using it to clear the path to the plans HE has for them. The only Savior we need is Jesus Christ and Christ alone.

And it wouldn't be a triple threat if I didn't try to act as the Holy Spirit...convicting people for their wrong choices. Right? Don't we all do this? If people aren't living up to our standards (ours are so much higher than others...sarcasm) we feel like it is our job to convict them...that is why we have the billboards that say "Abortion is Murder" and "Gays are going to Hell." or may be it's a little closer to home...."I can't believe you let your kids watch that" or "dress like that." What we think is "ironing sharpening iron" is really looking at the plank in someone else's eye while we have a 2x4 hanging out of ours. The Holy Spirit raised Christ from the dead...I think it does it's job quite well....perfectly in fact.

As I am still growing every day in my walk with Christ...Jesus constantly reminds me that I am "fearfully and wonderfully made" as Sarah Louise Roberts...nothing else and nothing more. If God sent his son Jesus, to save me from death then the Holy Spirit wants to do something in my that is an unstoppable team!

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