Monday, October 12, 2009

The little things

So our boss had us read a book and share a little bit about what God showed us during the process. The book was called In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day. It was an awesome book! If you get a chance (with all the free time you have) read it! The chapter I had to report on was chapter 8 and in this chapter the author talks about having a faith like a child and the reason we lose this important aspect of the Christian life is because we are afraid of looking foolish. This reminded me of a time with my son, Cale. One day we were praying and he asked if he could pray for his gun (his toys are the most prayed for toys on this earth). "Absolutely you can!" After all, that is so cute. Right? Well, days go by and the very gun he prayed for came up missing. We couldn't find that thing anywhere. After awhile I just forgot about it until we were trimming the bushes in our front yard and by golly what did we find in the bushes? THE GUN! As I excited as I was, I was more shocked than anything. Not Cale. Although he was excited, he simple stated, "I knew we would find it because I prayed for it." Here I am with more maturity and more experience and yet my 5 year old son is the one with more faith. At what point in our life do our problems get bigger and our God get smaller? What is it going to take to realize (like a child) that our God is so big that He cares about the little things, even our guns:)

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