Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Be Weak...everyone is doing it OR should be

Hello to my sweet Sister Wives!! 

I have missed you, but am so excited to be on your computer screens or phones todayJ You all have been prayed for today as you start school!

A 10-year-old boy decided to study judo despite the fact that he had lost his left arm in a devastating car accident.
The boy began lessons with an old Japanese judo master. The boy was doing well, so he couldn’t understand why, after three months of training the master had taught him only one move. “Sensei,”(Teacher in Japanese) the boy finally said, “Shouldn’t I be learning more moves?” “This is the only move you know, but this is the only move you’ll ever need to know,” the sensei replied.
Not quite understanding, but believing in his teacher, the boy kept training. Several months later, the sensei took the boy to his first tournament. Surprising himself, the boy easily won his first two matches. The boy was now in the finals.
This time, his opponent was bigger, stronger, and more experienced. For a while, the boy appeared to be overmatched. Concerned that the boy might get hurt, the referee called a time-out. He was about to stop the match when the sensei intervened. “No,” the sensei insisted, “Let him continue.” Soon after the match resumed, his opponent made a critical mistake: he dropped his guard. Instantly, the boy used his move to pin him. The boy had won the match and the tournament.
He was the champion. On the way home, the boy and sensei reviewed every move in each and every match. Then the boy summoned the courage to ask what was really on his mind.
“Sensei, how did I win the tournament with only one move?”
“You won for two reasons,” the sensei answered. “First, you’ve almost mastered one of the most difficult throws in all of the judo. And second, the only known defense for that move is for your opponent to grab your left arm.”
The boy’s biggest weakness had become his biggest strength
We live in a world where perception of perfection is reality. Everyone has the perfect job, the perfect family, the perfect life. Social media, blogs, website, family pictures etc., all has created this illusion of perfection therefore any weakness we may have we will hide or kill ourselves trying to make it a strength. We don’t just struggle with the fear of failure, we struggle because we think perfection is our only option.  What the heck are we doing? Jesus himself, the creator, the savior, the God of the universe said,
My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9
Paul goes on to say…., “So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me.”
We serve a God that doesn’t want us to dig down deep and try harder to be perfect, but to say out loud and admit that we are not. Jesus didn’t die on the cross because we were perfect, but because we weren’t.
Here’s just a few of mine:
  1. I am weak at organization. It’s exhausting trying to get my crap together
  2. I am weak at finishing. The amount of books I have started to read and not finished is astonishing.
  3. I am weak at humility. I can both boast in what I can do and tear myself a part for what I can’t…both are pride and sin.
  4. I am weak at time management. I once went to a time management counselor for a year.
  5. I am weak at not letting ministry outside my home affect the ministry inside my home.
Be encouraged today that as you start this new school year off, we are not called to be perfect but to admit that we are not and trust our weaknesses to the one who is!

Love you all!!

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